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  • head gets old shit inside doesnt change that much
  • Still think of this as being quite new, but it came out in 1999. Man, that's depressing...
  • I've rarely heard an album that blends together as well as this one, but the songs work individually too. Haven't heard anything he's done since.
  • i absolutely LOVE this song. its been one of my absolute favorite songs in the world since i was sixteen. <3
  • Reminds me a very special someone :)<3
  • just like it
  • perfect. gives me chills every time, but good chills.
  • Dubidudi dah.
  • oh how I love this song...
  • Classic.
  • sooooo good
  • i love that quirky filtering on guitar. can't get this out of my head! and it opens some strange valves inside, which is always a sign of greatness =)
  • @Gregreen - No, cause this was released 7 years before Animal Collective's was.
  • that's the bigest shit i ever hear , punk's not dead
  • Can't believe this song is over ten years old!
  • very pretty song
  • A very clever song of my faves of his.
  • >Gregreen Wrong [2] ... anyhow, brilliant song!
  • I can't find this anywhere............ =( I wish I could listen to the track here on lastfm.
  • Top one of his.
  • >Gregreen Wrong
  • Sounds A LOT like fireworks of animal collective.
  • just awesome.
  • effortlessly wonderful.
  • meet me in the corner and we'll start again!
  • yup, this is one of their best :)
  • the rhythm reminds me of elliot smith's waltz #2
  • love this one.
  • Great tune... for some reason it reminds me of the summertime... driving to the beach and rolling down the car window to smell the ocean because we were almost there... I'm weird though, so... hahah.
  • I can't get it out of my head and it's been years since the last time I listened to it.
  • Best song in history.
  • at first it sounded quite boring, but after a few more listenings i suddently couldn't get enough.
  • as a matter of fact, i'm going to listen to it again right now...
  • same here. it's got everything going for it. it all fits together so harmoniously, still has such nonchalance... the melody is golden
  • ohh yeah, forever and f*cking ever
  • My favorite song, forever and ever and ever.

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