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  • hello guilty pleasure :)
  • How to listen to music in last fm ? What I have to do?
  • i miss 90s :( [2]
  • 1.369.944 scrobbles *.*
  • i miss 90s :(
  • Música responsável por marcar uma geração. [9] *-*
  • Música responsável por marcar uma geração. [8] *-*
  • sdds.
  • Música responsável por marcar uma geração. [7] *-*
  • guilty pleasure
  • for you samar, i hnow u like them to much
  • Música responsável por marcar uma geração. [6] *-*
  • i waant it that waaaay (8) ~
  • this song will never get old x
  • B-Rok be rocking yo house :3
  • I like this song ;)
  • 90.
  • Música responsável por marcar uma geração. [5] *-*
  • I love this song !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • One of my favorite songs!
  • forever my fucking JAM , never gets old gah i remember when i was a kid they play this on TRL it was like #1 for weeks asdfghjkl i loved them and always will
  • My friends and I used to stand in a circle and sing this. I was always AJ and Kevin. LOL!
  • lovelovelove
  • Música responsável por marcar uma geração. [4] *-*
  • I want those old times *__*
  • The nostalgia!
  • god danm it ,all girls want to touch them.
  • BSB!
  • ************I love this song***************
  • One of the best bands ever <3 I've been a BSB fan for 13 years and still crazy about them. They have something that some other boybands simply don't have :P
  • BSB girl 4eva!!
  • GREAT SONG.....LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • epic.
  • :-)
  • This is one of their songs that I adore <333
  • i love this song! can't pass it up
  • one of my fav BSB songs! always puts me in a good mood! :D
  • i want it that so in love with them..<3
  • every time i hear this song it reminds me of that funny youtube video of the 2 chinese boys lip sincing it, lol
  • How many think that the intro notes are awesome. Have liked this song for ages.
  • We are two worlds apart, can't reach to your heart. *sigh*
  • A fantastic song, love it.
  • hahahaha, THIS is banned in china?? hahahaha. so subversive.
  • These guys still got it after all these years....BSB 4 LIFE!
  • My fave track of these guys...
  • lol
  • i like i am sorry backstreet boys
  • yeah i still love them


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