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  • Music Stats - 22 March 2008

    Mar 22 2008, 5:31 di Xemper

    My Music Library Stats - 22 March 2008

    About 9 months ago I spent a little time collecting certain stats from my music library. I had largely forgotten about this until I stumbled upon it again a few days ago and wondered how things might have changed.

    The numbers in show the change since 22nd June 2007.
    I have also written some notations in grey periodically to give some further details.

    Songs: 3568 [+1495]
    Length: 09:15:39:19 (9.6 days) [+03:22:59:59 (+4.0 days)]
    Size: 17.56GB [+7.43GB]
    Artists: 452 [+246]
    Albums: 304 [+122]
    Scrobbles: 17,216 [+11,192]
    Compared to a year ago the size of my library has increased a fair bit. To be precise it has increased by 72.12%. Although the decrease in my AEP score may not suggest this, this increase has largely been due to a widening taste in music. I've recently become a great purchaser of compilation albums and admirer of a number of littler known and unsigned bands. Having said that, my most listened to bands have been listened to even more.