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  • Woo-woo-Wooten!
  • Nice song!
  • nice BARITEKU
  • So sad there's nothing like [album artist=Béla Fleck and the Flecktones]The Hidden Land[/album] and [album artist=Béla Fleck and the Flecktones]Outbound[/album]. The most of these two is a best [tag]fusion[/tag] I have ever heard.
  • love love love
  • ha FUCK bela fleck [8]
  • This kind of spectacles are so very necessaries in countries like Mexico and other ones that are so very delayed about good music.
  • Béla Fleck and the Flecktones photos at Biltmore Estate
  • Béla Fleck and the Flecktones photos at Bonnaroo 2011
  • awesome!
  • VW
  • Maybe the only group besides 'The Flashbulb' ('TF' specifically for artistic merit, not necessarily pleasant sounds) where I feel compelled to listen more than 7 seconds skimming through each track before dismissing it. It's more like half the track or the entire track. Sofresh!
  • Ordered the new album.
  • damn fusion music!
  • New album!
  • Group is tight.
  • Pretty awesome. I'm surprised to see 120'000+ listeners, yet so few shouts...
  • This shit is groovy as hell.
  • The First album is great.
  • Amazingly smooth music. While the vocal talents of Mr. Fleck might leave something to be desired, his dexterity with the Banjo definitely won't. Is he still touring with Wooten?
  • This slays sliced bread to pieces.
  • go Wooten!!!
  • One of the greatest bands. :) Electrobanjo is fucking good, plus bass- Wooten , drumsynth Wooten with his "instrument" and other skilled men. Progressive and inspiring. How can anyone hate jazz... :-(
  • Watching them live is a real treat! Bela Fleck using odd objects as a "pick" ha ! Victor Wooten is the man.
  • I really hate jazz too. Have you heard this - ? It's possibly the ugliest sounds I've ever heard out of a saxaphone.
  • hahaha, mindless ign'ant haters are funny [1]
  • this band is just the motherfuckin shit, hands down, what can ya say, really?
  • i love bela from when i was listening to Bela, funky,
  • One of the best bands of all time.
  • wtf is with big country outstripping all their other tracks??
  • [quote] I feel sorry for anyone who would rather spend his time complaining about this band than listening to it. [/quote] THE BEST THING IS, YOU CAN DO IT AT THE SAME TIME!
  • Left of Cool BEST CD EVER!!!!!!
  • WTF? Béla it's a Hungaryan name.
  • Why are the 6 of you (5 seemingly with no imagination) even visiting this page in the first place?
  • ha FUCK bela fleck [6]
  • ha FUCK bela fleck [5]
  • ha FUCK bela fleck [4]
  • I feel sorry for anyone who would rather spend his time complaining about this band than listening to it.
  • ha FUCK bela fleck
  • this band si fucking awesome. AWESOME!!
  • Ill take your word for it, creepy dude
  • Very good players, but nothing more than that!
  • I think they actually have left somewhat of a mark, or are at least in the process. Even if you don't like the music they play, they are still very innovative and are doin things that havent been done before. They are all individually really talented, but personally i dont think they let that get in the way a lot of the time, and they have a pretty awesome way of interacting and making music together, especially live. A lot of their music can get really corny, but they also know when to take their individual talents out of the spotlight and make some pretty good music. Just my opinion though.
  • no u. They'e <3
  • this band is an incoherant mess of ego. i'd rather listen to a band with something to say rather than a few virtuoso geezers who can jack off their instruments.
  • best band ever :D
  • A someone shitting a carnival? High on crack again are we?


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