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  • Avatar di Sieben99
    Yesz5zss! Flows as fuck, my compliment!! ... @aydio: Not nececessary, I recommend "Luding out" to this at the moment! Back to the 60's!!
  • Avatar di kraizax
    Jolly good show old chap
  • Avatar di aydio
    I'm not sure I have a vat of liquid lysergic acid diethylamide on me
  • Avatar di xolemonlime2
    dunk me in a vat of liquid lysergic acid diethylamide and sing this directly into my ear using only your throat to produce sound
  • Avatar di reaprow
  • Avatar di spoonunit
    Heard this today on Desert Island Discs. Nice one Conrad.....(Anker), the mountaineer.
  • Avatar di Ezekiel22
  • Avatar di lecoqterence
    I think people in love with this sound should also listen to his other songs, most of them are as cool as this one
  • Avatar di Naeroon
    v indeed, caught my attention from the moment it started
  • Avatar di xa-4
    fascinating from the very first note

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