• Happy Noise Monday and Tuesday 11/26-27/07

    Nov 28 2007, 3:33 di djgizmoe

    Oh where to begin. With the wife and whippersnapper back with the in-laws for a few days, I am again ready to delve deep into the weirdness that is the Kansai underground scene (at least until next Saturday). And the fact that Hide (Ultra Bide/amazon saliva) was holding his infamous (and dirt cheap) local talent nights this week was a perfect excuse for me and Cell 63 'band'-mate Nick to have a few nights on the town.

    Monday I got there a little early, and inevitably walked into ING to kill a little time and deliver this month's Japanzines. Master Hako was chill as always, and he was grateful to receive Icky Thump from me (I'd already put it on iTUnes, and do I really need another CD lying around the house?), which he immediately threw on the stereo. Then I sauntered on over to UrBANGUILD.

    Arriving fashionably late, I was unsurprised to find the usual gang of Kansai-crawling gaijin underground dilletantes (of which I proudly include myself) -Donald (ex-Three Day Stubble), Jeff Bell (KTO music critic…