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  • best vocalist in the world
  • is a nice musician [3]
  • is a nice musician [2]
  • is a nice musician
  • down ther ============== slasher flickkss
  • We recorded the Slasher Flicks show at the Bowery Ballroom last night. Check it out on two-sails. blog spot . com!
  • Down There >>>>>>>>>> Slasher Flicks
  • First listen and I'm really loving Down There. I really don't understand the hate, I've always felt that avey is better when he slows down a bit
  • Man, he's only released one solo album and I've already got over 550 plays for him. One of my favorite artists, and I can't wait for the Slasher Flicks album!
  • :DD
  • He should release another album!
  • baby
  • don't care much for his solo but this dude is my hero real talk
  • why should i motivate bunnies when ma knees should burger rotten
  • We recorded Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks in Brooklyn the other night. The recording is up on our blog (link on page). Check it out if interested! It was crazy!
  • his flicks make music that does not make me feel
  • I'm all flicks and ears
  • how many slashes in such flicks?
  • @phetuspolice 60 Watt Kid, probably. It 'leaked' early with a bunch of their tracks
  • I must have downloaded some twisted bootleg of 'Down There'. The only correct tracks are "Oliver Twist" and "Lucky 1". The rest isn't bad, just tracks that don't belong on the album. What do I have?
  • inspired by the lovely avey tare :)
  • Purple Bottle is so good tho
  • Will there ever be another album to make me feel like this one does? This one of the very few albums that I can put on any time, and listen to straight through without getting tired.
  • hey add me if u like having fun :3
  • Not even a real fucking alligator [4]
  • Not even a real fucking alligator [2]
  • ★ I still can't shake off the magical feeling that engulfs me since the moment I've heard him live
  • A Very Eat
  • I'm seein' the number of listens but I ain't believin'. Team Avey!
  • No longer on spotify!
  • David Portner
  • what the hell have you been listening to all your life....
  • Down There is the best god damn record of all motherfucking time
  • Avey Share
  • Ravey Dare
  • Yo homie, these beats are dope!
  • Rare Avey
  • One of my friends told me he thought it was AV Terror, because of the general creepniess of down there's ambience. makes sense I guess
  • Thanks for the trip down there...zoom
  • Avey Stare
  • down there is like an lsd boat trip dance through the mother fucking swamp.
  • avey where lol, get it?
  • see u later avey GATOR
  • Avey Chair
  • Avey Pear
  • im so tired of disappearing you're so beautiful when u can't hear me <3<3<3<3<3
  • i love this guy like thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much
  • oliver twist is a major win
  • Down There is pretty much perfect.


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