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  • BRiliant ,,,,,,
  • amazing band!
  • These guys are among the best. Can't wait for a new album.
  • both Fragmentary Evidence AND Concealed rule
  • fucking awesome band! love this guys!
  • Unfortunately, I can't get into his new band whatsoever. Beyond Creation just isn't my cup of tech-death tea.
  • Lapointe is awesome!
  • Certainly. They're one of very few bands who manage to create a very specific mood with their music. Fragmentary Evidence takes me to another world. Very atmospheric for something so fast and (forgive me) brutal.
  • Completely and utterly brilliant band.
  • Jupiter to Ignite really caught me off-guard.
  • *Agrees with previous post*
  • Goddamn Fragmentary Evidence rules!
  • How are there only 400k plays?
  • Brimstone Landscapes rule so much it's uncanny
  • No one can replace the duo that was Forest and Etienne
  • I was worried for a second there.
  • Jazz bassist?! Sweet.
  • all being said, their new bassist is actually a JAZZ bass player, so I dont think we'll have to worry about them losing creativity bass-wise. Along with the fact they still have patrick and mathieu, they'll have an awesome 3rd release.
  • Indeed, celestial death metal. This band sounds unique to me!!
  • @Metality: I agree. I'll add that when I saw Augury, they had a competent bass player. There are many technically proficient bassists today, (especially in a TechDeath breeding ground like Montreal), but my worry is that the jazzy style and amazing creativity of Forest might not be matched on the band's next effort. I don't think Augury will terribly disappoint though, they are an extremely talented and original band. @chthonousDredge: - Dominick left in 2010.
  • Saddening.
  • Agreed with last two posts. Problem is Lapointe quit in February 2011. A pity, and I wonder who will be able to fill his shoes
  • I want to say that I agree with the person below me completely and that a new album can't come soon enough.
  • These guys earn so, so many extra points from me for their emphasis on bass. So refreshing in the world of metal. More bands should feature bass as prominent as this; it's VERY rare that I can even distinguish it from the rest of the music (even though it's still an important part of the music in those cases, adding a lot to it without sticking out). Very, very rare. Every person in a band should get to shine.
  • Fucking magical
  • Only just discovered them, but I expect they'll be becoming a favourite of mine pretty fast. Awesome prog death!
  • This band is so fucking good.
  • Yeah, new Album is on the way. ♥♥
  • @AmberLamps: Some guest vocals on Frag Ev. are done by Sven.
  • Great band, hopefully some new material is in the works. Would love to hear more.
  • Death metal generally isn't my thing these days, but I have to say that Concealed is pretty fucking amazing.
  • Bought Fragmentary Evidence yesterday. Money well spent.
  • Well he does sing on Aetheral.....
  • awesome bass
  • New review of the re-release "Concealed". Read:
  • Brimstone Landscapes is so fucking incredible. >.<
  • Listened to the first 2 minutes of the first track from their first album. I was sold at that point. I like this very much.
  • cool story man.
  • saw this band live a year ago and didnt like them at all...
  • Funny, this page has become a place to advertise tech death bands. Cool by me anyways, I'm sure there might be something good in there. Augury though, that's a pretty special band. I'm very happy that I got to see them live a couple of years ago. Had to drive 3 hours each way but it was worth it.
  • "All those similar artist pictures look alike. A bunch of guys in dark shirts standing against a single color background." Yeah, that's what metal usually is. Obscura, Spawn of Possession & Lykathea Aflame are fucking amazing.
  • Quite badass.
  • If you're interested in something progressive/technical death metal craziness, check out this:
  • Strange I like most of them songs o.O (2)
  • All those similar artist pictures look alike. A bunch of guys in dark shirts standing against a single color background.
  • There's a problem on this page because there are actually two bands that are called Augury. The Progressive Death Metal band from Canada released "Concealed" and "Fragmentary Evidence". The other two albums "Moment of Grace" and Bending Twisting Turning" are from a different band from Australia. They have a website on myspace here: I don't know how to correct this, but maybe someone can help.
  • If you like progressive metal with death growls, clean vocals, syncopated drums and blasting guitars listen to Supremus Dies' new song on SoundCloud, you can download it for free if you want it, just tell your friends if you like it! Cheers!


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