• Atrocity - Cold Black Days

    Nov 21 2006, 9:11 di elritar

    Cold Black Days

    Get away and your life will be released
    Give away all your dreams and all your sins

    You are playing for forgiveness
    You cry for help
    When your life is over who can tell
    You can't change anything
    Your life is just a dream
    Nothing real nothing more
    Nothing left cause

    These are cold black days and
    You're fading away
    Life cold dark nights
    And you're longing for light
    These are cold days
    And you're running away
    To be alive again
    To be alive again

    Look around emptiness and you are falling
    Hear the sound the peal of bells is tolling
    You remember sunny days these times are gone
    All the lovely words are said and done
    You can't change all the things
    Your life is full of dreams
    Nothing real nothing more
    Nothing left cause