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  • Собственное творчество гораздо лучше каверов.
  • BRAVO !
  • Awesome Band!!!
  • Criminally underrated. [2]
  • I pozdrowienia dla Ciebie z Rosji!
  • pozdrowienia ze Ślaska dla fanów At Vance
  • One of the most underrated Metal bands...
  • Criminally underrated.
  • [ONLY HUMAN] absolutely d(*`・(エ)・´*)b
  • + Shining Star +
  • cerbercomp посоветуй мне что у них самое хорошее.
  • Their Vivaldi covers and the beethoven fifth's one... So great.
  • Привет братья металурги, группа заслуживает внимания , очень неплох вокал, техника игры на высоте, для сегодняшнего времени неплохие ребята, пару хороших вещей в каждом альбоме имеется!
  • The Winner Takes It All at 1st place :D.
  • Liking the new album a lot more than the two previous ones.
  • Good new album 4/5
  • The Winner Takes It All!
  • Only human brings me back to my teens...
  • plz like
  • At Vance, a.k.a. "How the mighty have fallen". I'm not feeling their last album. Ironically, "Saviour" is the savior of the album.
  • awesome! цивильно ваще \m/
  • Mats <3
  • Русские в теме. Значит команда и правда хороша!)) At Vance- super neo-classical metal!
  • Anyone interested in Early music and Metal, join my facebook group
  • Summer (Vivaldi) - awesome cover \m/
  • This dudes made some awesome albums
  • Oh yes! Olaf Lenk is a great guitarist. To me Wolf Hoffmann is one of the best as are Olaf Lenk and also Mandy Meyer. I really love Only Human and The Evil In You cd:s by at Vance.
  • Olaf Lenk is the most underrated guitarrist ever.
  • The description is basically telling there was an earlier band named "Centers", by whom I suppose are the songs included in [album artist=at vance]Centers - Early Works[/album]. Now that makes a lot of sense since the other albums by At Vance totally suck.
  • Самая-самая-самая любимая группа! Ну, Вы понимаете!!!!
  • tickets for the ProgPower USA festival go on sale March 5...September 14-17 in Atlanta, featuring Sanctuary, Evergrey, Dream Evil, Vanden Plas, Arcturus, Therion, Labyrinth, and many more!
  • awesome cover of Logical Song.
  • God's Of German Power Metal!
  • Classic! We need more quality bands like this to defeat mediocrity in power metal today. Horns high!
  • Good German Metal <3
  • Answer Me - шедевр. Лучшая песня. Потрясающий вокал, невероятно обаятельный.
  • В песне Broken Vow у вокалиста голос, как у нашего Газманова =D
  • 4 singers in 10 years wow... great band though
  • The funny thing is that both Mats Levén and Rick Altzi have almost same voice as Oliver has. Like he is their paragon. All of´em are perfect! But Hartman is number one.
  • Money, Money, Money $__$
  • Oliver Hartmann!! Best german singer! And definitely, albums with him are better than those without him! Itś to bad he left the band! All Avantasiaś songs that he sang in are those I like the most! Just perfect voice, even better than Jorn Lande!
  • I like them, new best of album is a pretty nice idea, have a taste of the second CD!
  • boooooooooooring
  • come and join :) then enjoy, explore, and feel the power and progress :) -----
  • [group]We Love German Bands[/group]
  • At Vance is the Great Band .
  • what's with all the fapping for Only Human? It's a good album, but it ain't their best - Ride the Sky is better than Only Human I think.
  • Salvation Day from the new album is pretty catchy. Nothing they release will ever beat "Only Human" though.
  • einfach geil bester power metal aus deutschland vllt sogar weltweit :D


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