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    Feb 3 2008, 20:18 di kidofthecentury

  • New albums: September 2007

    Ott 7 2007, 17:33 di Joeteren

    Areknamés – Areknamés
    Good album to have to see that the band have made great progress, as the album after this, Love Hate Round Trip, is a real masterpiece. Areknamés is not as brilliant, but still a good piece of music.

    Astralis – Bienvenida Al Interior
    Highly enjoyable neo-prog from Chile. If you like Pendragon, you'll probably like this as well. Try the song on their myspace page. Recommended.

    Beardfish – The Sane Day
    Beardfish – Sleeping In Traffic: Part One
    Saw this band live at Symforce. They're a crazy but friendly bunch that make at times equally crazy progrock that really swings. I like both albums, with a slight preference for The Sane Day. Both albums recommended.

    Clepsydra – Alone
    Another great neo-prog band, from Switzerland this time (think Pendragon and Marillion). The album consists of 1 song divided into 13 parts. Great guitar, strong lyrics, emotional singing, so this is recommended as well.

    Deadsoul Tribe – A Lullaby For The Devil