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  • Avatar di Indierock93
    Love this song, but the strings in the beginning really get on my nerves. On PC I'd cut them away, but when listening to the cd I've to live with it... :) Wonderful song!
  • Avatar di jake__m
    My favourite song at the moment!
  • Avatar di AceHaley92
    That intro is magic!
  • Avatar di hopibluebird
    sounds beatnick, But I'll take it with the candles light and myself enjoying this tune
  • Avatar di augustfinch
    People tell me all the time that today's music sucks... I tell them they must be listening to the wrong music.
  • Avatar di Midnighttosix
    The intro is very reminiscent of You Only Live Twice, same chord progression
  • Avatar di spacematador
    This song made me stop what I was doing; it's just that moving.
  • Avatar di vandre81
    it's so beautiful... even my mother love it! and that's true!!!!
  • Avatar di Mousekiro
    Can't get enough of this. It's even better than my beloved Shining Light.
  • Avatar di TuneBlendR
    This is a song that would sound great Live-off-the-Floor. Solid.


Tonight there's no denying, no there's no denying
There's something magic in the air
Emotional disorder, came from out of nowhere and took me unaware
The patterns of the oceans lost in her emotions, you know that I don't care

Testo di Ash - There's a Star


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