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Arctic Monkeys

Temptation Greets You Like Your Naughty Friend (4:03)

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  • Dizzee should definitely be credited in this one.
  • i can't get this out of my head, help! ah no wait.. it's alright, this tune's frcking awesome!
  • Great ^_^
  • Ha! Didn't expect Dizzee here, but nice!
  • dizzee elevates this track to a whole new level of awesome [2]
  • Why are so many people bitching about the awesome rap part? [2]
  • dizzee tho
  • It's Dizzee Rascal rapping. And this song is totally awesome anyway.
  • The Fix Up Look Sharp guy
  • So tell me why I fucking thought Matt was rapping at first
  • ohhhh is this their good song?
  • whu dafuq is the guy that starts singing in the middle of the song with his all rap fuckin voice
  • Awesome,amazing and great.
  • Ep1c.
  • this is so perfect
  • Dizzee is amazing here.
  • dizzee elevates this track to a whole new level of awesome
  • Great one, thanks Jem
  • awesome....!!!!
  • The only piece of work DR has ever made that I have enjoyed.
  • i came ♥
  • wow, what a groove. nearly got goosebumps when dizzee kicked in.
  • Wow, first Arctic Monkeys EP ever listened too, thats non album. This rocks!
  • I don't ever want to hate you,It's not part of the plan, So keep your charm where I can't see it,And your hands where I can. Epic ♥
  • aaaaaawesome ♥
  • this song is sexy as hell.
  • awesome!!!!
  • Oh man..... ohhhh man.... damn. thanks God for making this come up
  • dizzeeeeeeeeeeeee ! yay
  • words cant describe how good this song is
  • wow this is fucking sick
  • DIZZEE <3
  • Their best b-side. Amazing! So lucky people at Glasto 07 to hear this one.
  • amazing
  • @ferrari690: Dizzee Rascal
  • who is the other singer in this song?
  • pretty good.
  • Too good to be a B-side, but then again, all their B-sides are just as good as their biggest hits
  • I agree with the statement below.
  • Best fucking Arctic Monkeys track. Period.
  • ahah some people are so dumb.
  • Best bside. ;D
  • Probably my favorite Arctic Monkeys song :D
  • such a good song, as if it's a b side
  • <33333333333333333333333
  • this song should be in their most rated, and even in a entire album, not in just a single, anyway i love it, brianstorm single surprised me a lot since the very first time i listened to


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