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  • Avatar di Roonagu
    Best Arch Enemy song.
  • Avatar di Lsm1995
    simply, Alissa's voice is NOTHING COMPARED TO ANGELA'S VOICE!
  • Avatar di simon91hollnich
    angela is fuckin awesome. Fuckin awesome band.
  • Avatar di MasterOvPuppetz
    it's fantastic, extremely fantastic. harmony in third minute is perfect.
  • Avatar di rockz666
    she throws like a girl
  • Avatar di los_garrador
    the solos always kick ass as well, every song flows well. it does get cheesey at times but other than that, it's perfect
  • Avatar di los_garrador
    I would have to say arch enemy is one of the more accessible death metal bands, but they are a band got me started and I still like them today. They have a unique sound to them, not the most brutal but at least every song doesn't sound the same.
  • Avatar di Papa5916
    Super Stimme
  • Avatar di jgoth08
    i am not into much death metal but i love arch enemy...dont know what it is about them...but they KICK @$$!!!
  • Avatar di onthejuice
    so savage

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