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Arcana is Swedish neoclassical band formed in 1994 and was originally signed to the Cold Meat Industry label.

The original band consisted of founder Peter Bjärgö (then Peter Pettersson) and vocalist Ida Bengtsson. Since 2002, Arcana has changed line-up and now consists of Peter Bjärgö, Stefan Eriksson, Ann-Mari Thim, Ia Bjärgö and Mattias Borgh.

Often largely instrumental, the band describes its music as inspired by…

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  • I had been indifferent to Arcana's music for nearly 2 years. Now I've finally felt it the way I should. Despite my lack of interest, I've seen it coming.
  • still great
  • <3
  • Just pure essence of mystery and beauty.
  • Just to make things clear: Arcana didn't split up, only the setting that were disolved. Peter will continue to make music and will work with many different musicians.... And we all support him in his decision:)
  • Worst decision of the year! With Arcana split up, hopefully DCD will still keep on making awesome neoclassical music.
  • Лишь парочку 2-4 композиции были неплохими. Особенно такие, как "Hymn of Absolute Deceit" и "Innocent Child". Но мелодии, стоит заметить, действительно хорошие.
  • Well, to each his own.
  • in fact they do not sound like DCD they sound like themselves :)
  • Actually they do sound like DCD at times, but obviously that's not a bad thing right? :)

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