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April Wine

Say Hello (3:10)

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  • Hi.
  • Good tune by an underrated band. Top quality Candian rock.
  • Well, hello! Great tune!
  • I've said it before but put 'Say Hello' on an album with 'Shine On' from Humble Pie, "Walk Like a Man" from Grand Funk Railroad and "Funk 49" from the James Gang...and rock them blues away.
  • Groovy
  • ahhh brings me back:)
  • Spank! I love this tune and talent! Say Hello! !!!!! Woooooo
  • the best
  • what a good band many trips in the mustang jammin
  • Spank! Love this tune! Take me! Say "Hello" HAA! HAAA! I will paint the town! :-)
  • Creamy
  • love this song, its too good...sooo laid back.
  • Canadian beer and April Wine. Gotta love it.
  • Good Tune !
  • Hello
  • Hello....lets go out and paint the town!!!
  • One of my favorite songs of all time. At least top 20.
  • One of my all time favs..
  • Ahhh no more needs to be said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Never forget the Canadian Classics!!! Kick It!!!!
  • How did I not hear this one????.,,,,,Way cool!!!
  • good tune!!!!
  • Some things just get better with age! Always a great band!
  • This band never got the credit they deserved in the States. They are one of my favorites of all time and can still rock it out. The best three guitar attack....PERIOD!
  • i love this song. :)
  • Die gute alte Zeit ! spitze
  • CHEZ 106 FM in Ottawa used to play this song all the time...loved it then - still love it today.
  • brings back good memories
  • This was THE BAND for me in the early 80's, 'Nature of the Beast' and 'Harder Faster' both all ROCKIN tunes on each album....
  • Love it, this is the 1st time ive heard them, they rock (literelly) ha ha
  • I used to hear this song on Rock101 all the time. Then, one day I discovered what the name was and who it was by. Such a great song to just chill to.
  • liked it first time i heard it 20 years ago
  • This song reminds me of travelling to Kingston for school... The first time I saw them play I was underage and caught them at this roadside hotel near Orillia, ON; and I was shocked at all the bikes! There music is so melodic, but they draw a "pretty sophisticated" audience.
  • You know, this really isn't a bad song at all.

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