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Aphex Twin (Richard David James, Limerick, Irlanda, 18 agosto 1971) è uno dei maggiori esponenti del genere IDM, famoso per esplorare vari stili musicali come drum 'n' bass, ambient techno e acid house. È stato definito come una delle figure più inventive ed influenti della musica contemporanea.

Richard D. James è di origine gallese, nato in Irlanda e poi cresciuto in Cornovaglia con la famiglia.

Comincia a produrre musica a 12 anni e già in età adolescenziale si esibisce come… ulteriori informazioni

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  • here's an up to date MEGA archive of all the soundcloud tracks that have been saved so far (!CY5Q0JRK!-FDJLCi5xqqanJ2nzq61Dw) & documentation & info of all the individual tracks it contains ( )
  • from the looks of things, it seems that Richard is still posting tracks online, even though his user58736353001/user18081971 soundcloud account got nuked. said soundcloud account linked to a youtube channel named TWINSANITY ( ) which i'm fairly certain is his; he's linked to it before as user4 & all the new tracks that are posted on there are titled similarly to his SC tracks. i also suspect the alias 'Girlflesh for Vegan Boys' is another one of Richard's, due to it also being featured on TWINSANITY & it remixing an Aphex track
  • The sex you have must be weird :/
  • his music reminds me of drugs
  • or had any :O)
  • His music reminds me of sex, although i have never been there.
  • Aphex Twin Starter Pack here:
  • New top 4
  • My christmas evasion guy.
  • i shat my back last night listneing to ventolin ep in loop thats a spooky image cadavbreflex

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