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Gli Animetal sono un gruppo musicale heavy metal giapponese specializzato in cover di sigle di anime e telefilm giapponesi classici e moderni (chi non ricorda gli incredibili Live Movie anni 70, come Megaloman, dai quali poi sarebbero discesi i più conosciuti in Italia Power Ranger). Nonostante si rivolgano ad un pubblico di soli otaku, tra i membri spiccano Syu, chitarrista dei Galneryus, ed Eizo Sakamoto, vocalist della storica band…

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  • hahaha
  • this is pretty corny stuff honestly but i find i still love it.
  • Towa no Mirai is a beautiful song. And the song they did dedicated to the villains of Rurouni Kenshin is really epic. And I don't use that word lightly.
  • The world needs Animetal.
  • This band should get together!!!!!!
  • WTF?!?! ↓
  • @Ashtoreth666: You are a poser, lol. Just look at your childish charts.
  • @FlowerAndSnake If you call being an anime and metal lover who found his dream of hearing his favourite anime songs finally covered with a metal arrangament a're missing some great metal, though. @Ashtoreth666: Kick that ignorant Polish poser! @pablobanila While I agree that Eizo is a God, and I'd add also the guitar player Syu to the Pantheon, I don't think these songs are badly arranged. In the She-ja period they were just raw and "direct", and they aimed for a more raw and "thrashy" feeling, while in the Syu period they were a lot more complex but with a bit less feeling in my opinion. I agree not all of their songs are good, some come from such obscure tokusatsu and mecha series that probably the band themselves didn't know what they were talking about, but there are a lot that really show a lot of effort and will to convey emotion to old anime fans. I'll just point at "Zankoku na tenshi", "Kimi wo nosete", "Mazinger Z" and "Ai wo torimodose!" as examples.

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