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  • "It's hard to just kiss our child games goodbye"
  • It's hard to just kiss our child games goodbye
  • Geez, I am not sure if i would like this to have less or more noise. It feels like you are flying through space to a different planet
  • All dogs in the neighborhood went crazy instantly.
  • can't stop crying
  • At first my ears hurt but now I feel like it is sending me to another dimension holy shit
  • do you wanna hear a secret? i know one
  • it doesn't even hurt to listen to, I can't even tell that it's destroying my ears while it's happening, it just feels vaguely uncomfortable like someone's poking your brain with a stick. then when the noise goes away everything sounds washed out
  • the outro is pure bliss
  • The beginning of this song is the perfect ringtone. No way you'd miss that.
  • "As one mild day steals someone's soul Into 20 years, in spirit they've vanished" ;(
  • beautiful, anco's best opener
  • but a beautiful track nonetheless
  • it literally hurts to listen
  • ;____;
  • jeez, listening to this with headphones is really an experience. Love this album.
  • Like for real i like what i think they were going for here but could they just lower that frequency a little? Maybe I'll like this song when I'm like 50 years old
  • this would be cool if it wasn't so painful
  • I seriously can't believe I used to hate this. It's beautiful.
  • Do they have any more noisy tracks like this? It reminds me a considerably less depressive Navicon Torture Technologies.
  • not enough fucking noise [2]
  • I like the fact that this is the opening track of their début album, i.e. the first song anyone ever heard from them.
  • This is really too much for some people? This? Man it's not even that weird.
  • This is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever head in my life.
  • [url=]>mfw[/url]
  • tahts rigth bitch
  • Alright...I must's a little hypnotizing.
  • Okay. I don't understand how you could like this song. It's horrible. And I DO love AC. I have every album and EP from Danse Manatee to Fall Be Kind.
  • one of their best songs
  • no u dont
  • Pretty awful track...and I love AC.
  • ...Ventolin?
  • 2deep4u
  • The noises, they fill my brain with beauty. Sweet inexplicable beauty.
  • i like it but i don't particularly feel like developing tinnitus
  • I like this song because it fits the album cover perfectly. Of course your ears are going to hurt, FREAKY ALIEN SERAPHIM ARE TALKING TO YOU
  • How the fuck is this "music"? [2] lol
  • Well this just induced a headache... I'm gonna keep trying with this band, but they keep turning me off...
  • Cosmic aural beauty.
  • ...
  • So good.
  • Oh fuck this song, it hurts.
  • why the hate
  • If it's not music - something better!? Floating as spirit through marbly glass..
  • Nice album, horrible song.
  • so beautiful, many emotions conveyed
  • It reminds me of the dark atmosphere in Zelda Ocarina Of Time <3 The sounds are like the zombies who shout :D
  • Unique
  • I don't care if this is music or not, I like it.


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