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  • <3
  • Гениальна!
  • where did you go?
  • you go girl!!!
  • addicted to this shit
  • yes.
  • <3
  • Oh my, that accent.
  • great mix of post-punk, dub and pop
  • You can't go wrong with her when she has Molly Nilsson, HTRK and Beak> as similar artists.
  • moar
  • Really brilliant. Like some kind of dubby post-punk on acid.
  • pre para
  • Waitig for her second album. [4]
  • I'm not sure...I'm a fan of the Nico albums with Cale...intriguing...dunno...I'll have another listen.
  • cool
  • Annoyingly mixed to listen using earbuds or cans
  • anche qui. ma nel sud della germania, in baviera non vieni?!
  • her sounds are something like Nico meets krautrock meets no wave, she should definitely cover Nico some day
  • that particular mood in music i'm always looking for!
  • I Go To Sleep is better than Sia version, and this say so much. Im in love with this voice.
  • I want to like this, I should like this...but it's not there for me yet. Sorry y'all.
  • Has she improved as a performer yet? When I saw her live it was cringe-worthy.
  • Merci Les Bien-Aimés! [3]
  • OK, I promise to watch the Startpage with recommendations more often in the future. Got it from there. First time ever that I like a recommendation ;-))
  • the chromatics cover is pretty enjoyable.
  • Waitig for her second album. [3]
  • I got this on shiny white vinyl - amazing live as well
  • think this'll take me some time to absorb, but future me will thank present me for looking into this when I did. it'll be a nice change; usually future me is always fucking complaining about present me never doing laundry and squandering time and shit. Asshole.
  • yea 9 songs is far from enough
  • Seriously really good but they need more stuff out.
  • Hugely overrated. Just sayin'
  • When I heard this I thought it was from the late 60s. She fooled me.
  • My absolute favorite new discovery. Waitig for her second album.
  • Merci Les Bien-Aimés! [2] It's creepy, but I love it.
  • The sound is like if Nico collaborated with Can. I dig it.
  • guess mister_tussin, which group came first?
  • merci les biens-aimés!
  • first heard "i go to sleep" by them, then the kinks, then the pretenders; who wrote this damn song?
  • *__*
  • fucking sick..i think i like it.
  • Love <3
  • and i go to sleepppp sleeeeeppp na nan nananan na nana
  • if you are in berlin.. anika will be jamming here tomorrow!
  • Anika = Clara Moroni ! not that shit
  • you must be kidding.. they're so dissimilar.
  • like a modern day lizzy mercier descloux. sweet
  • her song choices are a bit genius. she's got great taste.


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