• Song Of The Day - 21st November 2008: Machine

    Nov 21 2008, 21:56 di GrantRS

    Andy James / "Machine" / Machine (1) / 2005

    Artist: Andy James
    Original Album: Machine
    Track: Machine

    No, you're not seeing double this is the second day in a row I've picked a track called "Machine". This one is by a UK guitarist I only read about today. I found this track on the internet, and decided to give it a play, as I often do try and listen to guitarists that I read good things of - well, duh, that's kind of the point really, isn't it? Machine is one of those rare tracks that really cause me to sit up and take notice on the first listen. That was all it took for me to seriously start considering throwing this straight in as today's Song of the Day. It was only after a few moments of consideration that I realised yesterday's track had exactly the same name, and at that point this song track went from most likely candidate for today's track, to being definitely today's track.

    Rather than me give away my (most likely illegal) sources…