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  • •*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*•
  • This is nice.
  • He and his group are so cool, and definitely different. Plus he's the only musician I'm aware of that whistles regularly. His tunes are very creative.
  • Wow, first listen to him. This is nice.
  • my favorite =)
  • tres belle *voix belle melodie FTFY
  • tres belle voie belle melodie
  • <3
  • Love this!
  • the begininning never fails to put a smile on my face.
  • um dos melhores albuns de 2009, me traz boas lembranças.
  • Heard this in the new Zac Efron movie...definitely the highlight of the experience for me!!
  • Oh No, #15 song of 2009
  • Definitely yes!
  • This is my favorite songs of his. It's just so relaxing. It makes me feel like i'm going on a trip. Also this makes for a great walking song!
  • you guys, do you know about this song???
  • Oh yes.
  • oh yes yes yes
  • top 5 andrew songs
  • makes me lose control of my mouth and whistle like a fucking blackbird
  • Sweet Song!
  • I think he is just reminding us to build strong bones and teeth by consuming products rich in calcium.
  • He always mentions calcium in his lyrics, like in MX Missiles. Maybe it's a figure of speech for strength, courage, balls, so to speak. And how people nowadays hardly have any calcium in their bones; hence, the sociopaths part in the song. Anyways, this song is incredibly light and catchy, yet so deep in meaning.
  • Гениально!!!!!!! :)
  • such a relaxing tune...
  • one of the best track I've ever heard
  • let's get out of here, past the atmosphere :]
  • Simply amazing!!
  • przepięknie:D
  • oh my, this song is great.
  • Oh yes.
  • You can never go wrong with hand claps. And whistling.
  • oh no! this so yes
  • After listening a few more times and reading the lyrics, I think maybe he's using calcium mine as a metaphor for american social politics being very white-race oriented, that segregation is still a subversive issue. But who gives a fuck what I think?
  • I find it really hard to decipher any meaning from the lyrics. They're quite abstract. It's a nice tune however and I'm sure I'll attribute some meaning to it in the future...
  • sweet.
  • Is it January 20th yet?
  • Wow, I was impressed/inspired/engaged/amazed, shit, I love this guy :P
  • Sweet.
  • 这全是英语留言啊
  • This is making me so excited for the new album!
  • love that whistling outro.
  • WOW. Speechless.
  • so sweet...
  • good good song
  • This makes me so much more excited for the new album
  • I'm liking this. A lot.
  • thanks for the MusicNOW vid! i couldn't go that day, but I did see the Dirty Projectors & Bang on a Can All-Stars the next night. Big ups OHIO!
  • Love this.

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