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  • Avatar di ceeelio
  • Avatar di ceeelio
    And the world still turns when you not around ♥
  • Avatar di nDroae
    The only possibility I can think of is... I know that I listened to my Recommendations radio very early on (I first became active just before November 2006 so October would fit) and Paperthin Hymn came on, I was like "Oh so THIS song is by Anberlin!" and I definitely remember hitting Love. So it was my first loved track (and not undeservedly so), but apparently Lastfm misplaced that data as my love history shows that I loved Paperthin Hymn July 2008. I also can see from my email archives that I bought both NTFP and Cities March 2007, and didn't get BFTBM until October 2007. I sharply recall that BFTBM, though good, was one of my first experiences with hipsters giving me bad advice about older albums being superior.
  • Avatar di nDroae
    Okay this is weird, lastfm [url=/user/nDroae/library/loved?sortBy=date&sortOrder=desc&page=53]claims[/url] this was my first loved track (bizarre) in October 2006 but also says I [url=/user/nDroae/library/music/Anberlin/_/Na%C3%AFve+Orleans]first scrobbled it[/url] 27 Oct 2007. I want to unlove it now but that would be like destroying history :O
  • Avatar di lolwtfmelanie
    favorite song of ALL TIME? perhaps. absolutely amazing. <3
  • Avatar di LSharpe
  • Avatar di neverbemine
    And I finally found that life goes on without you...and my world still turns when you're not around
  • Avatar di LauEllie
    cara mto boa! *-*
  • Avatar di BacklineDAD
    Gut so, kommt ma rüber Jungs!!
  • Avatar di krpica
    lalalala <3 anberlin xD

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