• fuck

    Nov 28 2007, 1:58 di doubledotss

    my dog just killed my guinea pig

    in shock
    Black River
  • Mix CD: Blue Mind

    Lug 10 2006, 4:51 di Haley

    Okay, so I'm going to try to make a new mix every so often and put it on here and say why I picked certain songs... I made this one last fall and based it on the song Blue Mind by attempting to choose other songs with the same kind of feel and mood. I think it's turned out to be one of my favorite mixes, and hopefully someone on here might like it.

    1. Blue Mind
    The title track of the mix, I became obsessed with this song on my scenic 30-minute drives to school on the Minnehaha Parkway. Being the dork I am, I could just see some kind of music video or something to this song of a man going to a park in the fall and remembering jumping into the leaves as a child, with artsy shots of the sun glaring through the almost-bare tree branches, etc. It was just the perfect morning song for me at this point of my life, and I decided I needed a mix to go along with it so I wouldn't somehow get sick of it listening to it repeatedly. Edit: I strongly prefer the version on Four Songs to the one on Time Without Consequence, so listen to that one. …
  • Elucidate the tag: Weird Memories

    Gen 22 2006, 4:29 di airy130

    1) Tidal - I have a very clear memory of my then-friend Vanessa picking up her Walkman on her way to bed (we all used to sleep with Walkman and earphones... ) and she declared this to be her choice of the night. It wasn't particularly new.

    2) Purple - I wanted this for my birthday one year, and as it's my birthday next week, it's almost an even number of years ago (I can't remember how many). I begged my mom to take me to Target even though it was icy. She must have been really scared driving. I feel terrible for demanding that.

    3) Somebody That I Used To Know - I discovered Elliott Smith late. I think I knew a guy with the same name when I was 16 - he actually introduced me to Ani. When I was studying Shakespeare, I wrote a sonnet appropriating these song lyrics, but it didn't turn out well. Instead, the one that succeeded was about enduring the company of someone I couldn't wait to be rid of. Precisely on-theme. I wonder where she is...

  • Sunday

    Dic 26 2005, 4:27 di fakehand

    7/4 (Shoreline)
    Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)
    An Angel Went Up In Flames
    The Maker Makes (Soundtrack Version)
    The Wings (Score To Brokeback Mountain)
    All My Friends
    Colors (the one from Just Like Heaven)
    Black River
    Seven Days a Week
    Deep Red Bells
    Mass Romantic
    The Laws Have Changed

    I purchased Broken Social Scene's latest right around the time it was released, so I've had it for a few months. Unlistened. Of course I put it on a few times, but I never really paid any attention. This week I paid attention. The album is incredibly long, so there are a few tracks that could stand to be cut. But overall, I really do enjoy this release. It's sexy and mangled. Whereas, YOU FORGOT IT IN PEOPLE is an indie pop/rock masterpiece.

    I saw Brokeback Mountain with a friend last Friday. She had already seen it once before, but this was my first time. I feel like I'm saying this wherever I go, but it's all I can really say to explain: The way I feel about this…