• Album Review: "Blackbird" by Alter Bridge

    Gen 26 2009, 21:06 di MGSolidSnake5

    In an attempt to listen to more music, I've decided to try and do album reviews, and I'll try and do one once a month. Maybe it'll help you, my lovely readers, and introduce you to something new as well. Suggestions are always welcome as well!!!

    For my first review, I'm going to do my favorite album to date.

    Blackbird by Alter Bridge

    To be completely honest, I wasn't too impressed with the album the first time through. Not that I thought it was bad. Just nothing really stood out to me with the exception of a few songs. The first track, Ties That Bind” really pulled me in. It was basically like “Hey, I'm gonna kick your ass with my guitar.” The ending solo, though short, ends the song on a proper note.

    It wasn't until after a few listens that the album started to grow on me. What I really enjoyed was the presence of guitar solos, and really good ones at that. You don't get them all that much anymore.
  • Brand New Start

    Ott 5 2007, 19:07 di KuDer

    Muchas gracias to Vaxis who got me acquainted with the band Alter Bridge a couple of years ago. Can't say their first album (One Day Remains) was anything like a revelation to me but it's a decent piece of music nonetheless.
    And one fine day i was given a link to a YouTube video in which these guys played a new song live - and with acoustic guitars only. The song was called Brand New Start and naturally blew my mind away in an instant. Here's the link for you - quality's not that bad, by the way: Click!
    Now that a promo of their new album has leaked into the p2p-networks, there's an opportunity (which I gladly took) to listen to the album version which is also great. Still that acoustic one had some very special... uh, dunno, let's say 'aura'.

    Now I can say that that phrase from the chorus -
    'We will make a brand new start ... The break of day is before us' - fully applies to me. I just wrote a letter of resignation today, and on Nov. 1st I'm gonna quit my current job. Hope I'll find another position by then. …