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Allan Holdsworth

Wardenclyffe Tower (8:42)

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  • Hybrid of creative material calls extremely soulful melodies. Here comes a deep meaning and intention of which is not on the surface.
  • NICE!
  • I find Wardenclyff Tower to be Allan holdsworths best song and best album
  • Watch his hands. He hardly moves his right arm at all. He seems to play mostly with his wrist, often only picking every 3rd or 4th note.
  • Tesla....sorry for the typo...
  • Holdsworth is a unique talent with a completely distinct tone and an unparalleled legato technique...this is a great album and great song, which holds special significance for me as I live right next door to the remains of Tela's Wardenclyffe tower...listening to this I can imagine it in all of its glory...fantastic!
  • Never heard UK, but if this resembles it, I'll go there!~ Timothy :o)
  • Kraeezeu, that amount used to be a lot of dosh in former times, so .. you are absoblimminlutely right. Top Iceland records: a) ; b) --- " " --- TWL: a) Believe It; b) One Milliion Dollar Legs (or The Collection, with these two albums mephinks) --- "! ", must be going, ciau, phroo the roof, nea problemo, la'ers.
  • The song has summing to do with anuwwer Genius, scilicet Nicola Tesla. And Allan is the most talented magician. Hear him with Bill Bruford, UK, Tony Williams Lifetime and Gong.

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