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Alkaline Trio

Time to Waste (4:12)

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  • One my favorite Alkaline track so good <3 takes me back ;D
  • probably my favorite Alkaline track
  • That bass.
  • so different from the acoustic version :O
  • Another great tune
  • Good stuff
  • Volume UP ^
  • I love the piano intro to this. <3
  • This and "Burn" are why Matt Skiba is great. "Fine" and "In My Stomach" are why Dan Andriano is better.
  • sexy
  • Yeah chicago \m/ I kinda learned how to play this song on the guitar <3 :)
  • love the guitar on this song,it makes me goosebumps.
  • ◙‿◙
  • Alkaline Trio was great pre - Derek. The Suicide Machines were great before Derek left.
  • Song brings back memories.
  • neverrrrrrrrrrr
  • Always forget about how awesome this song is
  • welllp, i love this song ; point blank period .
  • <333
  • I love this song so much
  • in love with this masterpiece.
  • i am still so moved by this band. absolutely brilliant.
  • Salvation lies behind those dead eyes that watch you as you sleep every night. genius
  • love the intro
  • WOW *.* this song is really incredible =O Amazing!!! =D
  • makes me proud to be from chicago. i love these guys and i love this track.
  • such a basket case, hide the cutlery twisted. love it.
  • temazo
  • Solid track!
  • "completely revolting." totally their best! :D
  • this is the best
  • Yum!
  • 50/50
  • one of the best punk/emo bands, make a lot of the other bands in the genre seem crap. Awesome that they are still around-
  • awesome
  • i love this song so much! piano is amazing
  • Beautiful piano...
  • sigh. i <3 this song.
  • amazing.
  • großes Kino
  • Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brutal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Best AT song for me.
  • I remember hearing this for the first time on the radio and loving it, awesome track.
  • Really, really great! <3
  • just great!
  • my fav of crimson
  • I really really like this song.
  • When the first line begins...bliss.


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