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Akeboshi (明星) è un famoso cantante giapponese. E' conosciuto soprattutto per la canzone Wind, utilizzata come sigla di coda per i primi 25 epidosi dell'anime di Naruto. Akeboshi nasce nel 1978 a Yokohama. Ha imparato a suonare il piano da quando aveva tre anni; ora come ora, si diletta suonando la chitarra.

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  • Agree with Beaverdevourer Akeboshi is changing his style and I like the new style too.
  • Hmm not really a fan this album. His classic volkish sound is almost completely gone. What is left are kinda medicre and generic songs...
  • We'll, I listened to at least five songs from this album before (there were some on Start forming the words), so when i heard them again in this album they didn't feel "new" for me. Maybe that's why i thought the album was filled with old songs. :P
  • There's only two and they're heavy rewrites- particularly Drifting Sounds.
  • I usually don't like it when artists fill an album with old song remakes, but well... he created some master pieces for this album too, so i guess i can forgive him. (?
  • Great to hear all of your impressions. I'm also really in love with the album. I feel like it's a combo of all the prior stages of Akeboshi, and some of the new direction he's going. I love the whole album so much! @psych0f0x I feel the same about Drifting Sounds, even though I really love Along The Line.
  • He never disappoints me.
  • I've been listening the new album the last few days quite a lot now. It's certainly very different from his previous albums, which is of course a good thing. I would guess that people who are very fond of more "traditional" sounding Akeboshi - like on 'Meet along the way' - won't like this one quite as much. For me it's slowly starting to grow on me. I really dig the fresh stuff he's done, like adding electric guitars. Break the spell sounds almost like it could be a White Stripes song, and I definitely hear some Beatles vibes on Tiny rainbow. Meltwater is more traditional and I also really dig the album version of Standing on the line.
  • i've checked up on some of his more recent stuff today, and I am so stoked to buy an album or two!

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