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  • I can't read my nalgamation but did you know I could edit biography I could turn you into slobbering bird from nudlunch. I don't know what these people are talking about.
  • :D
  • Ha! That's nothing! I recorded most of my tracks with a SingStar Microphone!
  • I've read through that forum and I think I see where I made the mistake. However, I can't do anything about it now because the masters and original mp3 for that song are on computer located somewhere else so it'll have to wait for a little bit.
  • headey, the poor streaming is due to [url=]the songs being uploaded in VBR encoding[/url], which doesn't support. I tried to explain it to Oliver a while back, not sure if I made any sense though!
  • @progandother -"...chopping board comment... I have yet to partake in such musical wonder, "Aw come on, isn't it time you chopped some onions for us? btw I guess you've seen this vid :
  • seems to be streaming badly (UK 14th May2011 & 14th April) -The clock keeps stopping. (Other artists /tracks seem ok) I wonder if it needs reloading?
  • tremendously cool stuff, mate
  • The whole of "I moved into a house..." for any price in higher quality downloadable at: As for the chopping board comment I have yet to partake in such musical wonder, but it may happen in the future.
  • Which track has the chopping board?

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