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Gli Agathocles sono una band nata a Mol, Belgio nel 1985, fanno essenzialmente anche se coniano per descriversi il termine per evidenziare l'impegno politico e sociale presente nelle tematiche delle loro canzoni. Il progetto nasce da Jan Frederickx (chitarra, voce) ed Erwin (batteria) che iniziano da subito a registrare cassette in studio e a fare concerti.

Due anni più tardi si aggiunge Ronny come bassista e il gruppo inizia a lavorare a tempo pieno registrando nuove tracce per… ulteriori informazioni

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  • Razor Sharp Daggers is the bible
  • Agathocles participated in this compilation:
  • Or just get the 5 Mince Core History cd's.
  • playing london, ontario on august 17th.
  • Their splits are some of their best material <--- Not to mention, some of their worst and most unnecessary. Regarding EP's, though, everyone should own a copy of "Agarchy" and "Back to 1987"... Has any 7" released in the last 3-4 years been something other than Jan's weird solo 4-track drum machine-punk stuff, though? I actually enjoy his solo project, but it seems weird to keep releasing that stuff under the Agathocles name... It's like he's not remotely interested in trying anymore, and since he's run out of his backlog of shoddy live AG recordings, he's resorted to using his backlog of solo 4-track recordings to fill up splits... I love AG, but creatively, the band's been coasting for a long damn time now.
  • Their splits are some of their best material.
  • @Goodbrood: Just buy their albums you don't need all their 7 inches shit.
  • too many releases for me to comprehend o_O
  • So cold, so blind, like a train leading to nowhere
  • Classic.

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