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  • 23 Live Sex Acts is nice
  • 23 Live Sex Acts is fantastic! I'm unable to stop listening to. [2]
  • 23 Live Sex Acts is fantastic! I'm unable to stop listening to.
  • epic gig @ lagerhaus bremen <3 thank you!!!
  • Fell in love with these guys a while back. Laura Jane Grace is a massive inspiration to me
  • bad
  • Great fucking live show. They killed it last night.
  • Like it.
  • Love these guys.
  • Парнем Том был гораздо круче
  • I like some stuff on New Wave and White Crosses, but I really did not expect them to put out an album as good as TDB at this point in their career.
  • laura please slay me
  • Cool Music
  • Love this Music
  • pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów Against Me!
  • Piss And Vinegar is such a fucking perfect song!
  • everyone should go to the Tom Gabel artist page and vote to correct it to Laura Jane Grace
  • well , i know now what band name is all about xD
  • Transgender Dysphoria Blues reminds me of Manic Street Preachers
  • Laura Jane Grace is cool :) :)
  • Parabellum13x get out you elitist.
  • getting mad at bandwagon fans is kind of bandwagoning in its own right
  • AOTY
  • You know what I really hate? All the people who trashed talked this band and are now suddenly their number 1 fans because Laura came out. You are no better than the fans who abandoned them because of it.
  • cool idea, a cinceptual album about a transgender prostitute
  • Guess who had one of the most played songs on "Steven's Untitled Rock Show?" Check out the full playlist at!
  • Made my songs of the year list, and you guys are in there :D
  • wrote nice things about seeing these dudes last month
  • The revolution was a lie.
  • black me out!
  • Foda!
  • nobody gives a fuck what you said about the band on your latest tumblr entry. the band is amazing. there, i reviewed them in 5 words.
  • I feel like Laura's rebirth with coming out was made full with the new album. This is seriously up there with Eternal Cowboy for me, and I never thought they could top that. Also, trans rights for the win!
  • I talked about Against Me! in my Tumblr latest entry called My Top Five Favorite Bands. Click the link to check out what I said about the band:
  • Glad to see so many people fighting against transphobia here, LJG kicks ass and people who can't accept her gender aren't welcome in the scene - bigotry isn't cool whatsoever. I love this band and Laura is one of the most interesting lyricists out there, in my opinion. So much talent!
  • if you like their old and their new stuff, Check out this band!!
  • TBD is great. Can't wait to see then with TGA again in Kansas City.
  • One of my friends has recently become obsessed with this band at my recommendation. Hope they put something new out soon, TDB was the best.
  • Against Me! killed it opening for The Gaslight Anthem at The Sound Academy in Toronto. I took pics and wrote some words:
  • a very educational photoset featuring Laura:
  • love this band.
  • scrub @ miro
  • I hate this band!
  • Fuckin love this band.
  • laura's a fuckin killer songwriter [2] right on the dot m8
  • laura's a fuckin killer songwriter
  • the bigotry here is pukeworthy [2]
  • Hmm, As the Eternal Cowboy seems a bit more on the Rancid side vocally, never really went for that style. The folk elements and the piano are nice though, are they on the experimental side like Thrice?
  • Punk rock for the transgendered...I support this. I found this band when I was just moving away from punk, but their new album is pretty good...will likely explore them further.


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