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  • I love this fucking song one my favourites gets my blood boiling ✊😜
  • I like the rolling of the tongue, it sounds sick.
  • nothing wrong with the highs i like the part at :35 haha rolling his letters
  • Dat intro :O
  • Incredible live.
  • I was under the impression they'd just re-recorded the vocals, not re-produced the album. Damn. I really prefer the flow/feel of the 'old version' of this song.
  • def. the best track from after the burial!!!!!!!!
  • totally sick!! great
  • I dont think there is anything wrong with the highs.....haha.
  • Rareform> Forging a Future Self
  • dude, listen to the whole album, forging a future self, and then you will learn to like the vocals
  • sooooo good live
  • lows are real good...but i do have to agree that the highs threw me off a little..still really like this song
  • nasty band
  • yea stfu this songs pretty sick
  • stfu. atb ftw.
  • Intro was nice. And that's about it. Those vocals have got to go.
  • The intro is extremely captivating (which is what got me into listening to ATB), but it just kind of falls apart after. Still a great listen.
  • eesh..the highs make me cringe but good song over all
  • Yea, highs suck ass.
  • Crazy......soo good!
  • amazing
  • :-)
  • It starts off so good, the intros so beast, then the lows come and you're all this is good i like it then it's like. HIGHS and you're all *banned*
  • beautiful
  • stop being gay and accept that after the burial are fucking immense
  • HUGE With Dead Hands Rising vibe with those high vocals. And the singing is actually alright in my book; usually I'm not very receptive to that sort of thing.
  • Singing reminds me of In Flames a bit. I agree with the Sikth comment. I thought the same thing. These guys are still amazing.
  • spanish guitar over chug = win
  • what i hate is that he's actually saying "bree bree". i don't mind the clean singing.
  • Totally agree.
  • This song would be amazing if they would've jus kinda stuck to the lower growls.. The higher scream sounds kinda like a midget on helium.. but everything else is Awesome
  • the singing is a little weak, but the rest of the music is great
  • i agree
  • shitty highs
  • beautiful
  • just that "high scream" is bad but er i dont mind enough of the song is good
  • my friend freakin made me listen to these guys; see why he did
  • haha. Its good.
  • please come to german !!
  • Eeew @ singing.
  • Fucking epic.
  • hahah fuck yeah
  • definetely awesome with the R tongue roll...Carrrrrrrressing touch!
  • Wintroduction.
  • Can't name another metal song where they roll the R in "caressing".
  • yeah)) openning of this song is amazing =)
  • The opening guitar parts are beautiful

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