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After Forever

De-Energized (5:11)

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  • <3
  • I see a false alliance causing all this pain. ♥
  • Very, very creepy! :- ( Say hi to the ban list.
  • Oh yeah,growly bits are awesome (for a change).
  • Best intro evar [3]
  • I've listened once before? Bullshit. I've listened more than that. Not necessarily this track. I don't understand.
  • love it
  • The grunts are amazing! Best part of the song for me. I see a false alliance causing all this pain. I see a sick relation ending up in vain. I see a world at war because of pride and might. I feel we're all getting de-energized. Hell yeah!
  • Random, James Bond-style intro?
  • Best intro evar [2]
  • Interesting song
  • Fuckin epic song!
  • Best intro evar
  • Good tune and album. Bummer they are no longer around
  • The best <3
  • energize me is better !
  • That introduction was INCREDIBLE, but I refuse to listen to a song with growls. Just-- not my thing. Shame, because I'd like to have Energize me and De-Energized.
  • Hell of a first introduction to such a rocking band. Hope L.FM throws more of this band my way in the future!
  • prefer energize me
  • perfect is all i can say
  • used to have this song as my mobile ringtone so still when i hear the intro i thing my phone is ringing :P
  • nothing de-energized about this rocks
  • my fav, the greates they've ever made :D
  • fuckin great song AF rules !
  • Perhaps the greatest song ever made :):)
  • hell yeah
  • really cool
  • Love it !! and there's no way anyone will compare this to Evanescence. Such awesome power in this one and the guitar - wow. The first section with lyrics blows you away and then theres the middle section - AF hits another home run on this one. Floor Rules.
  • sounds kinda proggy, love it
  • One of the best AF's songs. So powerful, agressive, strong. Ideal!
  • The growls are actually pretty awesome on this track (and I am not usually a fan of growls). Wow, the opening is hella powerful.
  • orgasmic
  • I think this is the heaviest song they have ever done! Luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This band is odd... positive though :D
  • My favorite song by them... its just so good...
  • Floor is truly great. This song sends me into shudders of glee...
  • This is awesome on cd, but even better livew!
  • This song is epic beyond words, the opening which sounds like a full out air raid sends chills up my spine everytime. Their best track off the new album. \m/
  • nah, the choir's great. There's not enough of it, IMO, though. It should either be more prominent or not there at all.
  • just wow :D
  • Floor is sooo amazing <333
  • Every detail of this song rocks but the choir, which destroys the flow a bit. My opinion!
  • It is the best off the album
  • I second that.

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