• Aesop Rock "Float"

    Ago 22 2007, 0:16 di blakelvb

    Artist: Aesop Rock
    Album: Float
    Release Date: August 1999
    Label(s): MUSh
    Standout Track(s): Drawbridge, Big Bang, The Mayor and the Crook.

    How I heard about it: Again, Ryan Wert.

    Where I bought it: Used bin at Vertigo.

    When I was first getting into Aesop Rock I was told that this was his top album so I had to go out and grab it. I still think Labor Days is better, but this is a very strong album. The first thing that jumps out at me is the pure length of the thing, 20 songs, some are very short, but there are ten that check in at over 4 minutes. The songs aren't that poppy like his more current stuff. The beats aren't the catchy part, the lyrics are the catchy part, always good when a hip hop artist can pull that off.

    This is his first album and I have to imagine when it came out it received some mixed reviews. Like I said, the beats aren't catchy, it will probably never be played at your favorite club, but the guy can write and deliver lyrics like nobodies business. …