• Aerosmith - Nine Lives (1997)

    Ott 20 2008, 22:55 di mariana_maj

    Um dos melhores CDs já gravados, na minha modesta opinião. Um álbum pra se ouvir quando está mal. Ele coloca a sua moral lá em cima, faz você se sentir bem. Tem energias que liberam as coisas ruins que você está passando. Muito bom. Fica a dica.

    Nine Lives (1997)

    Nine Lives

    Well well well
    I feel just like I'm fallin' in love
    There's a new cool
    Some kind of verbooty
    That fits me like a velvet glove

    And it's cool
    Shu bop a doo ba
    She's talkin' to me Juba to Jive
    Yeah, the girl's in love
    No doubt about it
    The moment of truth has arrived

    And in a wink
    The funk was all around me
    And I think
    I'm dead in love again

    Nine Lives - Feelin' lucky
    Nine Lives - Live again
    Nine Lives - It ain't over
    Nine Lives - Live for ten

    I got good luck
    In certain situations
    I'm feelin' like I hung the moon
    And then at times
    I'm so weak from lovin'
    I couldn't even carry a tune

    But now I'm back
    Oh yes I am
    I maybe fall apart at the seams