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  • Avatar di cp316
    Shall the sentence be death!
  • Avatar di Nihil_
    Fucking awesome stuff!
  • Avatar di xPeterx
    definitly xAbsencex!
  • Avatar di haloinahaystack
  • Avatar di postvegan
    theres also an italian vegan straightedge band by this name. it wont let me edit the wiki, otherwise id add it
  • Avatar di NuMetalhead
    wie viele absence gibt es denn?
  • Avatar di BenElkor
    Man I am so confused with this and "The Absence", it shows some songs the same as there’s, but the descriptions are different, even have one of the same CD titles. AH!
  • Avatar di Burning_knot
    Awesome stuff.
  • Avatar di punxtr
    Basically, I know of one Absence. They mix hardcore, ska, and punk together with three different vocalists. They're from Saginaw, Michigan and broke up a while ago. They were going to reform... They released an album called Lost In The Masses. As far as I know that's the only professionally recorded album by them. They have tons of other songs apparently, but I can't seem to contact any of the former members unsuccessfully.
  • Avatar di FerrousMetal
    No Absense here, this bands got it all, and then a fucken truckload more.

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