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A Winged Victory For The Sullen

Steep Hills of Vicodin Tears (4:26)

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  • Sigh...
  • Beautiful ...
  • Like the purring of a content kitty.
  • сука. 10 из 10-ти.
  • Stunning composition.
  • so...
  • Devastating. The last crescendo is the most reassuring piece of music I've ever heard... a real masterpiece. Thank you Adam and Dustin, may your moments in this life be elevated past what your music does for other people, thank you.
  • I like this better as the generic>Steep Hills of Hydrocodone Tears.
  • Ah.
  • If the soul made a noise, it would be something like this...
  • Beautiful.
  • Quite simply, this is a perfect piece of music.
  • that's a super mario sample at the end, right?
  • 1:08 is pressing your way through no matter all you have to come through, no matter what's had you begin crawling forward and @ 2:17 you're pulling yourself up with every ounce of strength you have. Pressing forward to a new day. Choosing to see the positive. Choosing to find your way. Stretching forth your hand @ 3:33 to another in need. Together we stand! Together!
  • this reminds me of Sigur Ros' "Ara batur"
  • i'm somewhere in the clouds
  • i wanna sleep ♥♥♥
  • it's lupus
  • One of the best songs I've heard all year.
  • still do
  • The intro eclipses everything here.
  • That intro, just... wow.
  • I want some vics now.
  • Mountain tops ♥ ~ [2]
  • My heart is crying
  • impresionante!
  • Swoon
  • this affects me in exactly the same way as sotl's best material. same level of emotional resonance. just so beautiful
  • This is the music of my life past.
  • ~♥~
  • It's so cliche but can't help saying it: i 'want' this to play at my funeral.
  • sounds like the depths of a moving sea within the seat of the soul. feels like hope for something new, but with the familiarity of the old that helps to understand and comprehend. yet it is impossible, for our experience is just emotion, feeling, without understanding. this is purely emotional.
  • killer
  • Beyond words. [2]
  • ...fucking hell, are you serious? Beyond words.
  • CRYING [2]
  • touching piece of music! My favorite at the moment and hopefully 10 years from now on I feel the same about it ^^
  • I could honestly listen to this song forever.
  • Mountain tops ♥ ~
  • Incredible.
  • Cannot wait for this album, if it's more of this then it's going to be rather special indeed!

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