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  • wonderful ♥
  • <333333333333333333333333333
  • ага,в духе Piano Magic
  • can't get enough
  • Here it's written really clearly accurate that it's like Blueneck, it's true, they remind me a lot.
  • They remind me of Blackfield.
  • Does anyone know how I can donate them directly? They haven't bandcamp and I don't know other ways to do it. And Where can I find lyrics from the last album? [3]
  • All My великолепна
  • nice
  • Цензурными словами не могу объяснить, как это круто
  • Unveiling the tragedy of human experience, one gorgeous song at a time.
  • Armament <3
  • анти стрес
  • Просто нечто, похоже в духе Piano Magic. Музыка от которой картинки сами собой рисуются, закрываешь глаза и поплыл))
  • 3-й день поспіль слухаю)
  • Trip-hop/downtempo/abstract hip-hop
  • Great band, come back to play in Europe!!
  • <3
  • Where can I find lyrics from the last album? [2]
  • this is a fantastic group
  • awesome songs!
  • Великолепные же.
  • To Forget... very important album for me...thanks for it ;)
  • описание понравилось, сейчас будемс слушатьс..
  • We just posted our review of "To Forget" at Check it out!!!
  • Where can I find lyrics from the last album? Also, russian gig was incredible. Please come back more.
  • Sons is the best of all! *.*
  • Review of Wednesday's gig at Cafe Oto in London:
  • Not only is the new album amazing, but you seemed to be super nice and modest guys. If we hadn't have to rush to get the last train from cologne, I would have loved to talk to you a little bit longer, at least to tell you how much 'dry land' means to me. Thanks for the amazing concert!
  • to me it sounds as if they've somewhat cut back on their 'sound'.. then again my ears are pretty overstrained lately.. perhaps i should check out their shows during the next few weeks
  • Relacja z trzeciego dnia Asymmetry Festival, gdzie można było zobaczyć A Whisper In The Noise! Zapraszam. :)
  • A Whisper in the Noise playing in London in a couple of weeks:
  • I am. It's lovely. But then I like all their music. It special to me. Only on certain days do I listen to their sad songs. When I do it's usually an all day playfest of just their music. Love their 'sound' and all it's complexities. This was ove at first listen. ^^
  • Невероятно хороши.
  • очень люблю!
  • Cool)
  • i've been looking forward to their new album a long time.. now after 2,5 plays i hate to say that i'm not that impressed..
  • very beautiful
  • the new album is just brilliant
  • Fucking Great Band
  • Review of "To Forget" here:
  • I really like the style on the new album.
  • O A Whisper In The Noise i ich najnowszym albumie, będziecie mogli już dzisiaj posłuchać w kolejnym wydaniu audycji Bas Brain Damage.,732,Bas-Brain-Damage Zapraszam!
  • new album is amazing!
  • The new record has some really awesome slowcore vibe. Again very different and a still need time to adjust, but it great.
  • The new album is interesting. Nice part of the melancholy.
  • The new album is really good. Just not really digging the 10 minutes of crickets at the end. Bands should just accept that their CD is under 40 minutes and release it like that
  • Perfect album


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