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A Perfect Circle

Lullaby (2:02)

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  • Used to scare the **** outta me at night [3]
  • woah it's really Jarboe. Nice!
  • My subwoofer literally shakes the room with this track!
  • yea this opening just scared the crap out of me
  • Used to scare the **** outta me at night [2] 10 o'clock, checking in.
  • I think that's Jarboe's voice actually. Love her <3
  • serious fn bass in this shiz, love it
  • I have always loved this tune. I am pretty sure this is maynard's son Devo singing.
  • Mmm paz
  • actually kinda sucks [2]
  • actually kinda sucks
  • You may be a physco, but I'm a complete psycho.
  • kinda like me, a complete physco, lol
  • Go back to sleep.
  • i wish i heard lullabys like this when i was young, I'd be a complete physco though
  • My, that was brief...
  • epic cyberpunk hymn
  • The best base-drum I ever listened to ... definitely fat!!!!
  • Genial ! Maynard hats drauf.
  • if this was longer I would use this to combat my insomnia, though I fear what dreams it may give me...
  • Used to scare the shit outta me at night
  • yes from this we need more..a very cool and crunchy sound!
  • funny
  • magic great sounds love it "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • i love this band, this song and this whole album, awesome...
  • i really love this album.
  • wow.. the start of this song.. makes all my walls shake.. bring on the earthquake..
  • jarboe. what a talented individual. It's been fun to hear her work with tool and apc
  • Fuck that ending is good.
  • nice end to a long day mellows me out
  • will be my lullaby tonight
  • incredibly creepy (:
  • (((bass))) omfg sounds so good through bose headphones
  • crazy bass))
  • lalalalalalalalanaaaa
  • great.boys.thanx
  • killermusicdude , F ur spamming.
  • mrr
  • good little tune between this powerful album's tracks
  • 希特勒万岁 do you kown that to learn!!!!!
  • hauntingly beautiful.
  • Lullaby freaked me out when i first heard it, feels more like a tool track
  • Useless if you don't listen to Pet before... but amazing if you do..
  • I don't get it.
  • ORALE! me gustó este viajesito aunque duró muy pokito!
  • uh ... i fear for my speakers....!!!
  • LOL, this is too low for my speakers =D
  • That's Devo!
  • Is this just a creepy beat box version of Pet?


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