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  • When is the next album coming out? Or maybe a single? Anything, really. Even if it's just the sound of them scratching their heads I bet it's magnificent.
  • Some of the instrumental tracks on Face are a bit weak, and the tracks featuring vocals can feel cluttered at times, but it's still a decent album.
  • Dying in My Dreams (feat. David E. Sugar) ❤
  • Uh I got a feeling!
  • 80:xx was alright but it was not the sound i wanted. face is excellent though, it's like weekend warrior but more house-y. i love it
  • Face sounds like a mix between Turbo Town and Weekend Warrior. Nice.
  • Man, thank god Face is not like the 80:XX series. Hated these songs.
  • @lightningmonkey perhaps its streamable from (its the only play icon I see as a non-subscriber anyway)
  • why does Miss Mars always have so many plays idgi, it's not all that great of a song even in the context of This Is My Shit
  • v they're complaining because of the 2013 singles
  • The people complaining haven't heard their 2013 singles, have they?
  • the singles were so good this year, the album can't help but be great considering it's 9/12 singles
  • this is my shit > turbo town
  • i wish they'd go back to electro or house [3]
  • "i wish they'd go back to electro or house" [2] saw them live when they a trio and it was just amazing
  • i wish they'd go back to electro or house
  • what does "gah" sample? it reminds me so much of some seapunk track
  • i wish they make more techno / 90's house / acid house-y stuff
  • Holy, 80:01 came out of nowhere. This is awesome. Not what I was expecting after Turbo Town.
  • They'll produce the debut single for Una. The single is called Juicy Juicy.
  • These guys have some really good songs, I wish they'd get recognition
  • <33
  • awwwww
  • entorpecido
  • I'm in love with this band.
  • turn baby turn baby turn baby turn
  • Apollo80 is a masterpiece.
  • JAPAN 2012
  • новый альбом гавно, базарю
  • Black Party is a fucking TUNE
  • that was awful
  • Weekend warrior ftw
  • Wait, they released a new album and I didn't know? Shit I need a link.
  • I tried to scale the whole image in for the new album plz rate up! [url=]here[/url]
  • The tag of "TurboTown" is truly "Turbo Town" with the space. The same with Dream City Dream. I'm looking for the song #15 of the album, it's called "Gotham".
  • This Is My Shit (entire CD) = EPIC
  • Turbo Town = awesome [2]
  • 'Agua' = amazing
  • Turbo Town = awesome
  • Wow. Turbo Town is probably one of my favorite albums of the year so far.
  • WE ALL need I shake lyrics :)
  • I love Esquire!
  • You can get 80Kidz 3rd album which just came out at HearJapan. You'll love it!
  • this is my shit
  • i've listened only the Miss Mars and i'm already lover 80kidz music!)


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