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I 40 Below Summer sono un gruppo nu metal formato nel 1998 nel New Jersey negli Stati Uniti. Il gruppo si forma quando il batterista Carlos Aguilar incontra il cantante Max Illidge. Successivamente si unisce ai due i chitarristi Joe D'Amico e Jordan Plingos, e il bassista Hector Graziani. Nel 1999 rilasciano il loro primo album autoprodotto Side Show Freaks. Nel 2000 rilasciano l'EP Rain. Nel 2001 firmano un contratto con la London-Sire Records grazie alla quale nell'ottobre pubblicano Invitation… ulteriori informazioni

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  • Avatar di Zach216
    Yeah but listen to them now...I've heard Max sing live. 10 years ago as a teenager I thought he was like this mystical vocalist & then I heard him live singing with Black Market Hero & then 40 Below Summer. Pitch was way off... his stage-persona is rather corny. They got a little lucky and made a couple above average records with Invitation & The Mourning After but they're not the type of musicians I like to support. Listen to "Transmission Infrared"...they milked their fans on an online campaign & then gave them all that awful piece of garbage
  • Avatar di bassius
    Crazy to say, but Invitation holds up pretty well.. Just listened to it for the first time in probably 15 years..
  • Avatar di Re-Vital-Eyes
  • Avatar di Zach216
    Well said, well said! I'm glad someone else sees through this charade. It's NOT the same band anymore & Max/Joey are merely trying to capitalize off the name this point. They're jackasses as far as I am concerned. I'll listen to PUYA instead. Thanks!
  • Avatar di 40belowsummer
    I liked them until they disbanded in 2006. The reincarnation of this band is a total disaster, not one good song anymore, it feels like the Roadrunner era is long gone, which gave them a really good sound. Well you can't have it all and that's coming from a user who named himself after this band 10 years ago.
  • Avatar di Zach216
    Max thought he was BETTER than Matt Holt & Nothingface lol. Told me that once... said he liked what they did musically but not the vocals. Please haha
  • Avatar di Zach216
    @RottenBerry Yeah that's why you're not a musician & none of your friends are musicians. mine are... 40 Below are just a band that hopped on the bandwagon & I used to think were cool but really Max is a clown. Without a label or a trend to follow... their recent material is just all over the place!
  • Avatar di RottenBerry
    LOL @ that dude. I couldn't have that many feelings about this band if I tried and I seen them live over like 40 times back in the day. Get a fuckin' hobby. Love, The Broke Bitch
  • Avatar di Zach216
    I lost ALL RESPECT for THEM when they did their own Kickstarter or whatever campaign... that's like BEGGING for CHARITY. Find a private investor in the band or something (like a LABEL perhaps if their reputation didn't SUCK & they didn't FAIL ONCE already...) they never made any contacts because they suck balls. Now are robbing their hard-working, broke fans who all have children & stuff. #Classy!
  • Avatar di Zach216
    New album is a joke.... always knew in the back of my mind these guys were an unaccomplished bunch of hacks. Max Illidge is a true asshole frontman... the type of dude very few of his peers when they came up liked at all. These guys just change & go with the trends... they may've been kind of unique at one time but they're not original at all. Jordan picked the right time to leave the band... again. Max & Joey are gay together... a marriage predicated around forcing shit music with terrible production & tones down people's throats now. HIRE a PRODUCER... listen to better artists to draw INSPIRATION from. Go back to the old roots on songs like "Wither Away", "Power Tool", "Alienation", "Awakening", "Rain"... "Relapse" and "Tell Me Now"... those at least SOUNDED HONEST

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