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miyavi (Nishikujo,14 Settembre 1981) è un musicista giapponese.
Il modo corretto di scrivere il nome di quest'artista è con l'iniziale minuscola.

miyavi nasce il 14 settembre 1981 a Hyogo, regione del Kanto, in Giappone. I suoi nonni paterni sono coreani ed il vero nome è sconosciuto, ma si vocifera essere Takamasa Ishihara (石原貴雅), anche perché l'ultimo ideogramma del suo nome, 雅, si legge "-masa" quando legato ad un altro…

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  • I love new Myv, old Myv And all Myv he'll be 😍😍
  • I love both new and old Miyavi! [2]
  • yeah.. miss OLD Miyavi! for sure :/ the songs were better and more heartfelt with nice instrumental catching and relaxing and crazy rythm and voice and lyrics.. now it just doesn't fit it's boring for me. too much beat and nyah just that annoying western style which doesn't get song to release all it's potential.. like the rest of good old jrockers miyavi sinks down to the wave of west nyah..x...x
  • what the fuck is this mission impossible bullshit and why is it so fucking good fuCK
  • Shangri-La is the best song on the new album. Love it!
  • Shangri-La is pretty awesome [3]
  • I love both new and old Miyavi!
  • why he doesn't have a more recent photo jfc
  • 'THE OTHERS' isn't plain bad, it's alright, but could be so much more. I think Real?'s style would be much better for him to promote his music on the west, if it was the album's intention, since it sounds more catchy and easy listening while still mantaining some slapping, which, in my opinion, is what makes him stand out.

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