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Ami Suzuki 铃木 亜 美

Informazioni di base Nome di nascita Ami Suzuki (铃木 亜 美) Conosciuta anche come Ami-Go (あみ~ゴ ? ) Nata 9 febbraio 1982 (32 anni) Origine Zama, Kanagawa , Giappone Generi Pop , dance-pop , EDM , electro house , electropop , eurobeat Occupazioni Cantante , songwriter , attrice , DJ Strumenti Voce , chitarra , pianoforte

Anni attivi 1998-2001 2004-presente

Etichette VERO KiSS DISC 1998-2001 Amity 2004 Avex Trax 2005-Present

Atti connessi Tetsuya Komuro , Yasutaka Nakata

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Ami Suzuki (铃木亜 Suzuki Ami… ulteriori informazioni

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  • @OJS48kenkyuusei it's the only one of hers that I like too. I think he did an amazing job. I like it so much because I imagine that's how he would have made music for ayumi hamasaki if she ever worked with him, since her and ami are similar.
  • forest-temple, that album is the only album of hers that i love. but i'm biased because i'm a Nakata fan. well, a former Nakata fan - i don't listen to much Perfume, capsule, kyarypamyupamyu, etc. anymore but the stuff he did for ami was different from the rest, i think. SS is probably Nakata's best album.
  • did anyone else think of the Supreme Show covers when Cinderella's dress transformed in the new movie?
  • A token of love, TEN, mysterious and climb up to the top are my faves. I prefer her capsule autotune voice over her original haha
  • I dig Supreme Show, can't stop the DISCO is the first song of hers that I heard though so take that with a grain of salt I guess, hah
  • Do people here like Supreme Show? I just got into Ami but so I don't know. I think it's literally perfect, every song.
  • v another ballad... sigh ;_;
  • Wow she's back with TK? Never really liked his stuff with her but I'll give it a try.
  • Ami Suzuki × Tetsuya Komuro collaboration song "graduation" to be released on June 4th, 2014! -->

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