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    Dic 19 2007, 3:40 di VnU






  • stop rock

    Giu 12 2007, 11:29 di 2015

    i am the author of the songs posted on the page of '西皮士'. the songs were created by fl studio. you know, fl studio is a loop machine, so these songs are all formed by loops. i put many chinese instruments in them, such as bamboo flute,erhu, chinese zither, pipa, chinese percussion, and so on.
    i love my great country and our classic music. seems japanese newage musicians are very interested in chinese instruments. they invited chinese musicians to their country. at the same time, chinese musicians have no chance to popularize their music in china.
    as an amateur, i am not worry about the music industry. i am just sigh with emotion.
    so, lets make our own music, no matter what country we live, just in respect of our country and our music culture, stop 'rock' unduly. come on.