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  • I don't understand why she was dropped by Sony. Her last single sold about what Miliyah's singles were selling at the time.
  • beautiful music. her voice is actually powerful, unlike the raspy tone some j artists have [2]
  • beautiful music. found out about her thru space brothers' "beyond" love her style.
  • Well I hope she'll still make her own music too, her voice is divine. No weird cutesy voice cracking and she has such a clear tone. And that power!
  • KISS THE SKY is golden
  • @Bara_Megami Oh okay, i thought you were just wondering why the song had that coca-cola theme in it. For me it was just obvious it would have the theme since it's for advertasing :D missunderstanding...anyway, i just wish she would release something nice soon. The SOUL EXTREME album is really nice, hopefully she'll have something like that out soon.
  • @Paradesu - Obviously I knew that it was a new promo song for Coca Cola. It was a rhetorical question - I was expressing my dismay at the blatant commercialism. Sorry that didn't come through. Hopefully with the release of her new best album signifies that the contract with Sony is over so she can change labels or go back to indies and stop recording such dreck.
  • FMA & LET IT OUT <3
  • Oh i see :D hopefully miho still does her own solo stuff like before...
  • Who knows? For some reason I think this won't last very long. Sweetbox has been on thin ice for quite some time and it's going to crack any minute.
  • wait- what. Miho's the new singer of Sweetbox? :o is this just a single album project or will she be there for a longer time, anyone knows?
  • Her new single is just amazing [2] her voice is everything
  • Her new single is just amazing. She's slowly becoming one of my fav' singer from Japan. Rising Heart is a nice surprise, didn't expect her to cover that song at all but it works very well. Beyond is a little bit generic in the first part of the song but it's clearly a grower and her voice makes the song perfect. Finally Surely, Someday is a really nice ballad, a la Your Story, with a nice bridge. Three different sides of her <3
  • @Bara_Megami: because it's used as a "Share a Coke and a Song" commercial thing for Coca Cola....
  • Why does `Rising Heart` have to have the fucking Coca Cola jingle as part of the melody?? This annoying thing has been turning up all over the place recently - first Miliyah, then BENI now Miho ;-;
  • her song at Uchuu Kyoudai's fifth ending is amazing, really love it! can't wait for the album!
  • If some one is super underrated, then she is!
  • her voice is actually powerful, unlike the raspy tone some j artists have
  • I love her voice.
  • Best vocals in Japan!
  • Your story is a such a nice song. I like that her EPs are full of pearls. She's amazing.
  • Miho Fukuhara needs to be merged back with 福原美穂. I don't know why they split it up again.
  • I can't get enough of Black Star/Cinnamon Dreams and STARLIGHT, her vocals sound just too damn good <3
  • her voice is beyond amazing! probably the best in Japan,even Asia.
  • the best of Soul Extreme is wonderful ♥ all songs fit together very well, i enjoy this more than the EPs actually :D and in the song with Leona Lewis i can barely tell them apart from eachother, and i think that's a good thing because it is a prove that Miho has a world class voice, something that could be international...her vocals are so good !!
  • Black Star is genius.
  • <3
  • 777 plays in your library: I hope that number doesn't surpass the number of the new albums sold :/
  • Open eyes is a-m-a-z-i-n-g. What a great album!
  • okay this is definitely her best album. Save Me is flawless omg
  • Soul Extreme releases are the best thing ever happened to her [3]
  • Even though isn't a Best (maybe more a soulful compilation) album as I expected, it's a really really solid! One of best for this half 2012. My favorite for now is Cinnamon Dreams. Soul Extreme releases are the best thing ever happened to her [2]
  • Soul Extreme releases are the Best thing ever happened to her :)
  • the title of the album is completely wrong. it isn't either soul music or a best album..
  • The Best of Soul Extreme <3
  • the album title is very misleading! I don't remember a "best of" album having a bunch of new tracks :P
  • omg i can't believe that she did a song with Leona Lewis!
  • Black Star <3
  • Save Me <3
  • Dream On is FUCKING AMAZING!
  • Best vocals in Japan, for sure <3
  • SHE'S THE BEST. Really, every single song makes me have goosebumps.
  • 2012-04-12: 457,147 plays (21,362 listeners), 54 plays in your library
  • miho's vocal range:
  • She's a queen. Such great music. <3
  • She has a powerful voice and it isnt sugar coated like most jpop artists outday.
  • fmab \m/
  • \m/.
  • I wanna kiss the SKY...
  • Better than Love is amazing!


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