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  • This damn song is the reason why I always fail while fighting Space Pope. Fucking Barthandelus. I'm gonna kick your ass again soon...
  • fuck you barthandelus
  • ↓ yup, totally agree
  • Really an epic song, but it was more impressive ingame with all the speeches from Barthandelus like "obey to your focus blahblah" you know
  • I think it was because I spent a long time in the huge room before fighting him collecting incentive chips the first time I fought him I didn't find him very hard. The 2nd and 3rd time he was challenging but not hard enough to make me flip out. Orphan's first form pissed me off to no end though. Merciless judgement when you're trying to build up the chain gauge...#@*^$!
  • One of the hardest ff-boss fights i've ever been in.
  • You know you're in a hard boss fight when you hear this!
  • God I loved that battle. The track made it an experience I will never forget.
  • fucking awesome as hell. pure mindfuck awesome. especially in the game during a hectic battle. like wow.
  • I felt like throwing my PS3 against a wall when fighting the boss, damn.

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