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I Tokyo Jihen (in giapponese: 東京事変) sono una band giapponese creata nel 2004 da Shiina Ringo (in giapponese: 椎名林檎) dopo aver lasciato la sua carriera da solista.

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  • Avatar di mistatwinkies
    A band being disbanded and almost all of its fans going back to just the Shiina Ringo shoutbox? how absurd why this place isn't a bustlin, hustlin place
  • Avatar di VNobel
    vvv It's awesome how Cock Semen flows perfectly into Kyoiku.
  • Avatar di clowezra
    Is my screwed or has there seriously been no comments since 2014? Jihen are masterclass.
  • Avatar di OrangeVision
    It just now hit me that many years ago I came to this shoutbox and argued against Ringo's vocals. Just wow, fuck myself. I'll see myself out.
  • Avatar di quentin_L4
    It's awesome how Kalk Samen flows perfectly into Kyoiku.
  • Avatar di akihavermillion
    bring back Queen Kameda
  • Avatar di andoreh
    Tokyo Incidents is the only disbanded band that keep releasing a lot of things! They keep releasing and I keep wanting they back
  • Avatar di deadgrandma
    This new main is pretty good. Dem pixels.
  • Avatar di K_a_t_a_n_a
    @down Agreed. It's so crappy it isn't even funny.
  • Avatar di OmerNurelian
    what so funny about this photo that you keep voting it up?

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