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SID (シド) sono un gruppo sotto la Sony’s Danger Crue Records. Debuttarono come band major alla fine del 2005, sostenuti da molti fan. Restarono fuori dal sound indie grazie ai loro suoni jazz assenti nella base del visual kei. Vocals: Mao (マオ) Guitar: Shinji (しんぢ) Bass: Aki (明希) Drums: Yuuya (ゆうや)

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  • v maybe I'm completely wrong (I hope I am), but they took too long to release a new single, and when it finally happens, the promotion was pretty bad (first time in a while a single of them don't make it to the top 10), and then here comes this super complete best of... AKi alone just released two brand-new albums (one of them is mini, I know, but still an album) in one year; in the same time slot, SID released only one single which didn't go well on charts like the previous ones...
  • v DON'T EVEN SAY THAT!!! ;; A ;;
  • sad to say, but idk, I get a feeling that they will disband soon... :(
  • New look =
  • New look is avaliable. [url=]Vote for it[/url].
  • I still can't believe they haven't recorded Junkan properly.
  • omg "White tree" is incredibly heartwarming, one of most amazing winter ballads I've heard so far... and I'm starting to think that they have a special sensibility to make winter ballads, because I also love "Fuyu no Bench"... but not as much as I'm loving "White tree": it's so soft and gentle...
  • New look is avaliable. [url=]Vote for it[/url].
  • Enamel's awesome. ^_^

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