• Quick Review of Friday and Saturday Jrock Revolution Shows

    Mag 27 2007, 22:42 di mandraku

    Fri 25 May – Jrock Revolution

    Nothing to note before friday's shows except it was hot. During the show we were allowed the take pictures, which was great because I took about 100 per night.

    Kaggra, was first, and I was fairly interested in seeing them. Not much else to say except I only recognized about 3 songs played.

    Partial Setlist (AKA songs I cared about):

    恋綴魂 (Kotodama)

    Duel Jewel was second, I've never heard their stuff and nothing really caught my attention. After their set I found a pick of theirs on the floor, so if they weren't selling them then I caught a pick, I guess.

    雅-miyavi was third, which was odd. I figured a "big" act like his would be last, but meh. To me, it seemed like a lot of flash but very little substance, especially with stuff like the painter. Nothing really caught my attention, moving on.

    After this, Yoshiki comes out after it's announced that miyavi is in the supergroup (big surprise) and also…