• Reruns because I am bored (sorry)

    Mag 18 2010, 12:44 di diamondsofsix

    1. What's your favorite song by 15?
    Hey! Say! JUMP
    Err.... oh, uhm. Deep night 君思う I guess, been forever.

    2. How did you get into 20?
    Ermm, he sings in my favourite Johnny's Entertainment group; 関ジャニ∞

    3. Who is your favorite member in 1?
    It's divided between 横山裕 and 安田章大.

    4. What’s your favorite lyric bit by 29?
    Ngh, I don't know.... How can I choose, they're all magnificent in each their way! But I guess Shadowman lies closest to home atm.

    5. Have you ever seen 22 live?
    No, but I would have killed for the opportunity.

    6. What's your favorite album from 10?
    Emilie Autumn
    All of her three albums are my favourite for entierly different reasons! But I guess Opheliac, it's the first I heard and there's quite a bit of history with that one.

    7. Do you own any merchandise from 3?
    Plastic Tree
    Yeah, I think I only lack a couple of their albums now.

    8. What is a good memory you have of 7?
    Lots and lots of wonderful concerts *_* They really are magnificent live!
  • Random survey.

    Nov 13 2008, 17:19 di Sakito-sama

    01. Which song is your favorite at the moment?
    ¤ Probably Standing Sex. Both single and live version from Hametsu ni Mukatte (from 1992 of course, idiots).

    02. Which songs touches you emotionally?
    ¤ Maybe Voiceless Screaming.

    03. What's your favorite track(s) on MIRROR (D'espairsRay's album)?
    ¤ The band sucks, their music sucks, no matter in which way you try to get into it. >___> Thank god no one is trying to shove that shit down my throat at the moment!

    04. If you should introduce someone to Girugamesh, what song would you show them?
    ¤ Well, first of all I wouldn't try to do so. I only like one of their songs, the rest is pure... can-I-say-what. So I wouldn't even recommend the band for anyone. Plus it's like... once in a blue moon when I listen to the song.

    05. Which song's lyrics will be impossible for you to learn?
    ¤ Nothing, really. Just keep the song on repeat and keep on reading the lyrics while you're listening to it, and in time you'll get it.

    06. What was your VERY FIRST j-rock song?
  • ムック - 志恩 [Shion] review.

    Apr 5 2008, 21:32 di Distraught_

    HISTORICAAAAL ! For the first time since I signed in Lastfm, I have been writing a post in english ! Yes, I'VE GOOOT THE POWER. I know my english is awful, but please don't pay attention to that. I'm really sorry.

    I wasn't brave enough to write my shitty live reports in english because even if Dir en grey's awesome concert reunited people from the whole Europa, DIO was just a little gig in Lyon, so there were only French people there and it's was useless to write it in English. I have decided not to write this one in french, because I hope people will read this and share their opinions about this album =D I love reading different opinions, especially when they are dealing with music MUCC haha]

    I must confess that I was really, really waiting for this album because I was quite divided when I heard the different singles. I loved リブラ which is, in my opinion, one of the best MUCC songs. I still hate フライト MUCC song ever.] and I didn't know what to think about ファズ .
  • Rockstar Taste of Chaos 2008 / Bayfront

    Mar 30 2008, 3:17 di bawitback

    Wed 26 Mar – Rockstar Taste of Chaos 2008

    Lets begin shall we?

    This years Rockstar Taste of Chaos featured dozen of bands including MUCC, and D'espairsRay. I've already made plans to meet with some friends but trouble began that very morning. I arrived a bit late -- 2PM (Show started at 5PM) and missed my friends at the signing booth. They managed to stalk members of The Underneath (formally known as Transtic Nerve), D'espairsRay around Bayfront Park as well. They got to hang out with Taka from The Underneath.

    Back to my venturing, we managed to skip a couple dozen people waiting in line by signing up to donate bone marrow o__o' in which they swabbed our mouth cheeks, thus having a handful (less than 30 people) enter the area 30 minutes before official entrance.

    So, we managed to make it front row the whole time. Picked up some official merch, including a shirt. Also they didn't have MUCC's Shion available (which they should have since it was the release date the show was on) so instead I bought Fuzz single.
  • Taste of Chaos - Denver

    Mar 20 2008, 4:19 di phenphenny

    The first stop on the Taste of Chaos tour, through the eyes of a member of the official Jrock Revolution Denver Street Team!

    Where to start off...
    I guess Thursday.

    Jules and I left for Denver at around 2:30 and got there at about 4:30 or so.
    I met the most of the rest of the street team: Alicia, who’s the captain, and Abby. Jules is co-captain. I also met Jackie and Waru, who weren’t able to get to the venue until later, so they didn’t really get to experience some of the stuff we did.

    We went to the MUCC signing at Hot Topic, and when we handed them pictures of themselves to sign they looked up all surprised and the translator/PR lady who we had just talked to explained that we had known about them for a while, and they nodded and smiled a whole bunch.

    We spent some time buying notebooks for the bands that fans can sign. Went out to eat, then to Alicia's house. Spent some more time going over the details for the street team and then just had some fun.